About aerial arts

About Aerial Arts

Miriam in the Greek pose

What are the aerial arts?

“Aerial arts” is an umbrella term for any performance that takes place on a suspended apparatus. Aerial arts have a long history in the circus, with aerial rope and straps acts documented back to ancient times. During the Victorian era, aerialists performed on the Spanish Web, flying and static trapeze, and even the lyra (aerial hoop). During the late 80s, Cirque du Soleil popularized a new apparatus called aerial silks. Circus artists continue to innovate new forms of aerial apparatus.

I perform aerial silks (also called tissu), hammock, and net. I perform both as a soloist and with my duet partner, Fire Pixie.

Wait, you mean you perform while hanging up in the air? Is that safe?

No physical activity can be made risk free, but practice and proper rigging from a load-bearing rigging point keeps the risk minimal. For simple setups such as an exposed, weight-bearing I-beam, I can do my own rigging. For more complicated setups, I require a licensed rigger.

I also carry performer’s insurance, which insures me for up to $2MM. I can provide a certificate of insurance listing your venue as additional insured for no extra charge.

You had me at hanging in the air. Can I see an example?

Sure! Take a look at my reel.

What technical requirements are there for a performance?

I own a freestanding aerial rig that can be used indoors or outdoors. The rig requires 24 x 28 ft of room for 18.5′ of height. It can also be set at 14 ft with a base of 18 x 21 ft for aerial net, aerial hammock, or ambient aerial dance shows. I can also rig to a solid, exposed I-beam or a weight-bearing anchor point.

If I am performing solo using my rig, I require at least two people to assist me with set up and striking down the rig. For an inexperienced crew, set up and strike both take somewhere between 10 to 15 minutes.


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