Tourettes Without Regrets Game of Thrones show

(note: this post should be dated for the end of August, but I’m only now finally making my WordPress public)

Like all aerialists I have my strengths and weaknesses. I’m not going to talk about my weaknesses here (what? are you crazy?), but one of my strengths is that I am extremely quick to choreograph numbers. (actually, one of my weaknesses I will talk about: when I fall in love with an idea for a routine, I have a hard time passing up an opportunity to make it real)

This came in handy when this happened:

Producer of Game of Thrones themed Tourettes Without Regrets show: “Let’s talk about your idea of an aerial silks Bran Stark defenestration number.”

Me: “Well, it’s Tuesday.”

Producer: “Yeah, and the show is Friday.” Continue reading