Bad Influence Burlesques: New Beginnings


How exciting is it to perform burlesque in San Jose twice in one month? Very exciting! I love seeing the South Bay burlesque scene heat up. We’ve been struggling for so long to create regular shows, and now Kiki Savauge and I produced Legislate This: South Bay at Dragon Theatre in Redwood City in January, Club Apparition hosted a Valentine’s burlesque show, and Tease Blossom and the Bad Influence Burlesques team are bringing their semi-regular show back to the San Jose Improv. Whims and Whiskey Cabaret are also working on finding a new venue to bring back their show.

It’s not accurate to say there’s no burlesque or variety in the South Bay and that’s a lovely statement to be able to make.

I am excited to be performing with Bad Influence Burlesques tomorrow. I’ll be performing the number I think of as my French Hoochie-Coochie dancer number. Although it’s not a period piece, it is inspired by the research I did into Orientalist dance many years ago for a one-woman show about Mata Hari.

Come on out and see me! Donny Mirassou, the current #1 drag king in the US, will be performing as will Tease Blossom, Belladonna Atropa, Magnoliah Black, and a host of other spectacular performers.

And here have a peek at one of Guliana Maresca’s photos of me from the Valentine’s Ghoulesque performance (beneath the cut, naturally)

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Valentine’s Ghouleseque: Hearts and Horrors

Valentine's Ghoulesque at Club Apparation, 2/11/2016 at 10 p.m.

Bringing the sexy strange to San Jose at Club Apparition

Did you know that Lido’s Night Club has a regular goth night called Club Apparition in San Jose? Because I sure didn’t! I am so excited to be performing in an anti-Valentine’s burlesque show at Club Apparition this month alongside Adora DeBump and members of the S.F. Black Widows (a goth burlesque revue).

I’m not saying which number I’m doing (you have to come to the show to find out!), but I will say it involves dance, a sword, and heart break.

Burlesque in San Jose and the South Bay in general has never taken off like it has in other parts of the Bay Area. It’s not accurate anymore to say that there’s no burlesque in the South Bay (like it was when I first moved to the Bay), but none of us who produce down here have found a venue that works for a monthly show. So it is always exciting when a new venue takes a chance on burlesque.

And how awesome of a stage name is Skirt Vonna-Gut? Literary AND bloody!

Sweet and Tart Burlesque Fundamentals at Twirly Girls

Back in November, I had a blast teaching a burlesque fundamentals workshop at Twirly Girls Pole Fitness in Pleasanton. I am so excited to say that I am coming back! I’m teaching a Sweet and Tart Burlesque Fundamentals workshop just in time for Valentine’s Day. There are two sessions, and you can take one or both.

What you need to know

Workshop description: Become your own sweetheart as you learn the fundamental techniques to sensuous burlesque struts, bumps, grinds, peels, and reveals. Then we’ll put the moves together into a Valentine’s-themed burlesque choreography that’s a little bit sweet, a little bit tart, and a whole lot of sexy.

Bring a robe, gloves, and dance shoes if you have them. This workshop is for everyone. No experience necessary. Everyone is welcome. Bring a friend!

Dates: Sunday, January 31 or Monday, February 15 (updated date)

Time: 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm for the Monday

Location: Twirly Girls Pole Fitness, 288 Spring Street, Pleasanton CA

Registration: Pre-register online at the Workshops link at Twirly Girls Website (click on the workshop title on the calendar) or pay at the door.

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PuppetLand: Confidential

ImageI’m very excited about PuppetLand: Confidential, the show I’m performing at and co-hosting tomorrow. My burlesque storytelling acts take an art form traditionally associated with children and re-interprets it for adults, so I am always excited to see other children’s performers gone wrong (or right!). PuppetLand: Confidential is the brainchild of Nick Knave, a street and stage puppeteer. Like me, he performs both family and non-family work.

I’ll give you two guesses about which style he’ll be performing at PuppetLand: Confidential. He’ll be doing a special long-form piece called Isabel’s Zombie Holocaust, “inspired by Ogden Nash’s “Adventure’s of Isabel… Otherwordly nightmares become a cruel reality when a comet crashes to Earth, reanimating the rotting dead as flesh craving zombies!  It’s up to 12 year old Isabel to hack and slash her way across a gorescape of puppet proportions to survive.”

For my part, I’ll be mixing it up with one of my classic numbers and a very special muppet-themed number.

Order your tickets in advance or just show up at the door of the Hypnodrome. It will be a late night, but worth it.



Jewlesque in the house

For some reason, I’ve always been a “when it rains, it pours” type of performer with gigs, so it took me a bit to recover from back-to-back Chanukah plus New Year’s show. But I’m recovered and ready to write.

But first let me tease you with my kneeling backbend.  All those half-monty poses in aerial silks are paying off in my bellydance numbers.

But first let me tease you with my kneeling backbend. All those half-monty poses in aerial silks are paying off in my bellydance numbers.

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Bringing the Chanukah Joy

I have few hard and fast rules in life about my art, but one of them is that I do not do Christmas numbers. I will perform in holiday shows (happily; they’re usually awesome because everyone’s so happy!), and I will perform in generic holiday spirit numbers, but I will not do anything that is specifically Christmas. I do Chanukah numbers instead.

Back when I lived in Texas and always repped for Chanukah at the annual SantaCon (dressed in blue and silver as Hannukah Harriet; I don’t believe I have pictures), I would occasionally get people who would be confused about both why I didn’t celebrate Christmas and why I didn’t dress up as some form of Santa or a Reindeer Elf. I would, in turn, be confused about the confusion. Why on earth would I celebrate Christmas given that I’m Jewish*? The latter question at least made more sense, though, as SantaCon is not really a religious tradition so much as an opportunity for costuming and socializing. Continue reading