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Bad Influence Burlesques: New Beginnings


How exciting is it to perform burlesque in San Jose twice in one month? Very exciting! I love seeing the South Bay burlesque scene heat up. We’ve been struggling for so long to create regular shows, and now Kiki Savauge and I produced Legislate This: South Bay at Dragon Theatre in Redwood City in January, Club Apparition hosted a Valentine’s burlesque show, and Tease Blossom and the Bad Influence Burlesques team are bringing their semi-regular show back to the San Jose Improv. Whims and Whiskey Cabaret are also working on finding a new venue to bring back their show.

It’s not accurate to say there’s no burlesque or variety in the South Bay and that’s a lovely statement to be able to make.

I am excited to be performing with Bad Influence Burlesques tomorrow. I’ll be performing the number I think of as my French Hoochie-Coochie dancer number. Although it’s not a period piece, it is inspired by the research I did into Orientalist dance many years ago for a one-woman show about Mata Hari.

Come on out and see me! Donny Mirassou, the current #1 drag king in the US, will be performing as will Tease Blossom, Belladonna Atropa, Magnoliah Black, and a host of other spectacular performers.

And here have a peek at one of Guliana Maresca’s photos of me from the Valentine’s Ghoulesque performance (beneath the cut, naturally)

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